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The Law Offices of David Harrison, Esq. represent investment professionals in FINRA / SEC regulatory proceedings and employment matters, including wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, U5 / U4 issues and forgivable loans. In addition, we represent investment professionals who are either under investigation or have been indicted / arrested for white collar crimes which include securities violations, fraud, insider trading, embezzlement and theft.

If you are under investigation by your employer, FINRA, Securities and Exchange Commission, terminated by your employer or arrested, it is important to find an attorney skilled in the law who understands the customs and practices in the securities and brokerage industries.

Mr. Harrison, Esq. is a former New York City assistant district attorney and in-house attorney for Morgan Stanley Dean Witter where he represented the firm and stock brokers from allegations of wrongdoing. Mr. Harrison, Esq. also worked at Shearson Lehman Brothers where he was Series Seven licensed.

For a free consultation contact Mr. Harrison, Esq. at (877) 834-5580 or (310) 499-4732.


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